I'm a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland who specialises in photographing interiors and architecture.

I’ve always been attracted to beautiful imagery, light, shadow and composition, for as long as i can remember I’ve always loved to draw, paint and sculpt. Art was my passion and I was going to become an artist, I went to college briefly, but as i grew older and technology started becoming more available my interest in photography, photoshop and graphic design started to grow and i left college and the old mediums behind. I started working as a freelance web and graphic designer and did okay for myself for a couple of years.

I never thought about working as a photographer, it was always just a fun playful thing I did in my spare time. Actually I was usually a little too embarrassed to share my images with anyone. That little hobby of mine stuck around for 10 years until I started getting confident enough to show people close to me, over time more and more people told me I should put them online and do it for a living. I’d usually shrug it off and say “one day”.

Then a client of mine saw some of my photos and asked if I’d be interested in photographing her home as she was putting it on the market. I agreed and found it to be the perfect blend between the old art world i knew (light, shadow & composition) and the technical challenges I had come to love (equipment, digital retouching & development). I instantly became hooked, and decided right then and there that this is what I’m supposed to do.