Strategy over Tactics

Most designers are simply pretty makers. They don’t produce collateral that works to provide results for their clients. I should know. I used to be one of them.

Businesses have always come to me looking for websites and other pieces of marketing collateral. The usual tactical stuff that every successful business needs to drive sales. However, over time I started to question my work and the value that I was providing to them… was the ROI really there?

I started asking my customers why they needed these designs done and very quickly realised that they didn’t have a design problem, they had a business problem! So I set about on my journey to provide greater value to my clients by ditching the old pretty-maker mind set and started developing a strategic approach to design things that worked. 

The results have been outstanding and my clients walk away with more than just a new website or logo design. They have a deeper understanding of their customers pain points, which results in better communication through copyrighting, brand messaging, aesthetics and sometimes even adding new products and services to their line ups! Not only do my clients get greater value from my work but so do their customers!

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